Networks4Health is a closed network designed to support collaboration between professionals working in healthcare.

The network is managed by Visions4Health and provides an informal way for NHS healthcare professionals to collaborate, share practice and discuss opinions on the latest healthcare topics. It is a closed and secure forum that gives members freedom and reassurance to debate openly and with confidence. Individual membership is strictly limited to NHS staff and is vetted prior to access.

Members have the ability to contribute to existing or newly posted discussion threads, or alternatively, to start a new discussion thread to gain consensus opinion. We often draw on members of Networks4Health to support our advice to the life sciences industry. If you are interested in consultancy opportunities, please let us know. Networks4Health can be easily accessed via a computer or mobile device at your convenience.

To request your individual membership, simply use the following link


Networks4Health has an exclusive membership list comprised of healthcare professionals from a range of roles and organisations across the NHS. For example:

CCGs | CSUs | STPs | Hospital Managers | Medical Directors | Public Health

Hospital Pharmacists | Heads of Nursing | Procurement | Pharmacists

Community Pharmacists | GPs | Commissioning Managers