‘State of the Relationship’ survey

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Does the NHS want to work in partnership with the life science industry? 

Does the industry have the capabilities to partner with the NHS? 

It’s time to have your say on the ‘State of the Relationship’ between the NHS and the UK life science industry. 

Over the years, this has certainly been mixed. There have been some overarching initiatives to foster successful partnerships within the sector, however the current state of play and future aspirations at a policy and system level have not been explored fully. 

Introducing the Visions4Health ‘State of the Relationship’ survey.  

In partnership with PharmaTimes and the Institute of Healthcare Management, this first-of-its-kind annual survey will explore your thoughts and opinions to benchmark the ‘State of the Relationship’ between the life science industry and the NHS.

[Click here for the ‘State of the Relationship’ survey]

To work towards improving the relationship, we need to hear from you. Follow the link to the ‘State of the Relationship’ survey to find out more and get involved.